Dividing curtains, mobile stages and platforms and everything to make your event a success - that's our business.

As an industrial organisation with an emphasis on craftsmanship, we attach special importance to high-quality products as a basis for your individual solution. Construction, development and manufacture by a qualified and experienced team in our own production facilities ensure our products’ high levels of quality, to always meet all current technical and safety-relevant standards.


The Trenomat company

  • Airstage with seating
    Airstage with seating
  • Dividing curtain - Sports hall
    Dividing curtain - Sports hall
  • Crane track door - industrial
    Crane track door - industrial
  • Stage units
    Stage units
  • Dividing curtain - basketball court
    Dividing curtain - basketball court
  • Crane track door, open
    Crane track door, open
  • Choir stage structure/Altar surround
    Choir stage structure/Altar surround
  • Multiple partition sports hall
    Multiple partition sports hall
  • Large rostrum
    Large rostrum
  • Crane track door - shipping department
    Crane track door - shipping department
  • Dividing curtain - hangar
    Dividing curtain - hangar
  • Mobile stage with ramp and truss
    Mobile stage with ramp and truss

Dividing curtains

Dividing curtains

Vertically movable, double-skinned dividing curtains are true masters with regard to any issues involving the subdivision of rooms.

One touch of a button turns a large sports hall into any number of separately usable units.

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Stages and platforms

Stages and Platforms

"We fulfil all your event requirements!” This is how you could summarise all the advantages offered by mobile stages and platforms.
Easily constructed and dismantled, easily stored and for flexible use at any time, they offer all the options required for the realisation of your event.

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Crane track doors/Sliding doors

Crane track doors/Sliding doors

To close off those parts of a building with crane tracks running through them, we supply and install crane track doors in individually customised designs, exactly adapted  to the building conditions and the specific requirements of your application.

Of course also in connection with any sliding doors situated below.
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Big gates, Partition Wall Systems

Industrial doors and Large partition screens

While big gates ensure ease of access and trafficability inside factory buildings, partition wall systems can be used to quickly and flexibly divide these halls into individual sections for multifunctional use.

This saves both time and money!
More on big gates More on partition wall systems

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