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Trenomat partition screens are available in a huge variety of designs, suitable for any hall.

Acoustic partition screens
Sound insulation partition screenSound absorption partition screenSound insulation partition screen

Sound insulation partition screen

Weighted sound insulation value
Standard 22 dB(A)


Sound absorption partition screen

Fleece-covered surfaces improve the sound absorption in the frequency range typical for school sports of 800 to 3000 Hz, without any of the disadvantages of perforated imitation leather, i.e. a deterioration of sound insulation.


Additional sound insulation – Telescopic acoustic sump

When transferring the measured test bench results to a gymnasium with a larger partition screen width and layout along the „room's edge“, the part of the sound insulation relating to the acoustic sump amounts to ca. 6 dB.


Acoustics and noise protection

For hall acoustics perceived to be pleasant and clear by the human ear, the reverberation period affecting the annoying echo effect should not exceed 2.5 seconds in smaller halls and 3 seconds in larger ones.


The precondition for this is that you achieve a sound absorption level – i.e. the sum of all other sound-absorbing measures taken inside a hall and the sound insulation of partition screens – which should not exceed an average sound pressure level of 80-85 db(A) inside gymnasiums and sports hall when several school classes or groups are exercising there. Unfortunately, these values are very rarely achieved in existing halls, due to the high sound reflection levels of standard partition screens.


The negative influence of partition screens onto the reverberation period has been a known fact for many years. To prevent this annoying echo effect, in the past, covering materials used for partition screens were often perforated and simultaneously padded with a sound-insulating Molton lining.


Experience has shown that with this type of construction, it is not possible to achieve the level of 22 dB required for sound insulation as per DIN 18032-4, which is just as important for noise levels in dividable sports halls as sound absorption. In consequence, people experience a lack of concentration, a drop in performance, tire out quickly and can even end up having to serious problems with their health.


The new version of DIN 18032-4 issued in August 2002 therefore prescribes both 22 dB sound insulation and sound-absorbing partition screens  (For more see DIN 18032-4).


It is not least economic considerations as well – reduced requirement for sound-absorbing measures in wall and ceiling areas – that it is advisable to install sound-absorbing partition screens.

Partition screens suitable for any hall are available in different
designs, but please form your own opinion. (For more see Range of applications)

Partition screen - Sports hall I
Partition screen - Sports hall
Partition screen with safety catch device

Continuous precision steel shaft design with belt winders and safety catch devices on the shaft ends. (For more see Installation variations)

Partition screen - Sports hall
Partition screen - Sports hall
Drive shaft, partition screen

Cross-wise drive shaft design constructed from solid material  with top-mounted belt wheels  to take the pull straps,  used to move the partition screen up and down in a horizontal position via deflection rollers. (for more see Installation variations)

Diagonal pull system
Partition screen, diagonal pull system
Partition screen, diagonal pull system for halls with a ridged roof

Diagonal pull system design for halls with a ridged roof
with a cross-wise drive shaft constructed from solid material with top-mounted belt wheels  to take the pull straps. When raised, the partition screen adapts  to the roof pitch by up to ca. 10 degrees and finishes flush with the binder lower belt. In its lowered position, the curtain rests flush against the hall floor. (For more see Installation variations)

Artist-designed net/leather combination
Partition screen with net/leather combination
The work of Swiss artists
Partition screen with net/leather combination

Net/leather combination design with continuous precision steel shaft, top-mounted belt wheels to take the pull straps and safety catch devices on the shaft ends.
The curtain material is a custom design, created by Swiss artists. (For more see Net/leather combinations)

Additional equipment, such as pass doors, safety closures, rostrum release devices or rostrum and gallery components make any partition screens into the perfect solution. (For more see Accessories)

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