Excerpt from DIN 18032-4

Excerpt from DIN 18032-4 for sports and multipurpose halls. Conditions for twin-shell partition screens

3      Conditions on site

The ceiling and wall areas abutting the dividing curtain must be designed such that the dividing curtains, and any acoustic bridges must not have a detrimental effect on requirements with regard to sound insulation as per section 4 (e.g. by closing any openings between upper edge of the dividing curtains and the lower edge of the ceiling or between dividing curtainn and hall walls, acoustic sumps or sound absorbing design of wall areas in the abutting areas). Requirements with regard to walls as per E DIN 18032-1 must be fulfilled, too.

For the purpose of checking, servicing and repairing the dividing curtain, its mechanical and electrical components, including the motor and attachment areas, must be easy and safe to reach via permanently installed or mobile work platform or catwalk, and must be fitted with a stationary electric light.

Permanently installed work platforms and catwalks should have a clearance of at least 1.4 m. Any additional openings in the hall ceilings must be at least 0.8 m x 0.8 m in size, and hatches must be secured against falling down.

4      Sound insulation

The sound insulation of the dividing curtains must have weighted sound reduction value of at least 22 dB. This requirement can be demonstrated by way of a type examination test as per DIN 52210-3.

Sound insulation of the built-in operational dividing curtain must have a weighted sound reduction value of at least 18 dB between the individual spaces including any bypasses.

Dividing curtains must contribute to improved sound absorption of all hall components.

5      Requirements regarding the dividing curtain

5.1   General

The dividing curtain must comply with the requirements regarding walls as per E DIN 18032-1.

The simultaneous movement of the folded panels when extending and retracting the dividing curtain must be even.

If there is a load rod, the distance between this rod and the floor with the dividing curtains lowered may not exceed 0.1 m.

With the dividing curtain lowered, a distance of 0.3 m between load rod and the bottom of the dividing curtain is to be provided for.

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