Crane track doors – Sample applications

It is expedient to attach crane track doors to the interior of the binder lower belt. In this regard it doesn’t matter whether this involves a steel, concrete or wooden binder.

With crane track doors opening outwards, we can both integrate the pull system outside with a housing or inside with turns.
To be able to perfectly integrate sliding doors and guarantee a flawless seal between LE hatch and UE door, sliding doors should also run on the inside. Yet configurations with, for instance, crane track doors inside and sliding door outside or vice versa don't pose any problems for us either.
Should this not be possible for constructional reasons, you can of course also have the sliding door only, or both  crane track door and sliding door installed on the outside.

Crane track doors - Videos

Construction drawing
Pull construction
Pull construction
Attachment of crane track door
Attachment of crane track door

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