Introduction - Crane track doors and Sliding doors

An absolute “NO-GO“ - Frontage sporting the “wrecking yard look”

Outdated opening in frontage area

THIS is what it can look like if you don’t have any functional solution available for any openings in your building’s frontage area.

Yet it doesn’t have to be this way
, because this is where you can find a perfect alternative to the ”WRECKING YARD LOOK“  - crane track doors and sliding doors by Trenomat!

Crane track doors and Sliding doors for outdoor use

Travelling cranes used in frontage or outside areas are always a problem!

It is in the interests of the operator to find a permanent solution to the constant ingress of humidity, cold, drafts or noise pollution to the outside.

You can remedy these problems with suitable crane track doors and sliding doors.

Thanks to sealing systems developed by us, the seal between hall, crane track door and sliding door in particular  leaves  nothing to be desired. For crane track doors, we employ rubber seals against the frontage area and wall coping. With crane track doors opening towards the outside, we install an additional PVC sealant strip across the whole width. For sliding doors, we either use on-line sheet metal or seals provided from crane track doors and sliding doors in the shape of sealing brushes or rubber seals. 2-component design with sealing brushes on both sides against the frontage or using rubber profiles when closing the door components, which can optionally also be designed as a leading edge. For more see Proposed applications

Rubber seals
Rubber seals
Sealing brushes
Sealing brushes
Seals - Crane track door
Seals - Crane track door


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Crane track doors for indoor use

Separations inside halls
Separations inside halls
Crane track door – 2-part sliding door with escape door
Crane track door – 2-part sliding door with escape door

In indoor spaces, crane track doors and sliding doors may be used to separate areas from each other. Problems with noise, dust or drafts are a thing of the past.
Trenomat have been building crane track doors for over 40 years and are recommended by leading crane manufacturers. With our experience gained working on well in excess of 1,500 systems, our advanced technology is always cutting edge. Even if sizes larger than 40m wide and 7m high are required, this is no problem for us.

We construct our steel sliding doors to match our crane track doors both optically and from a sealing technology point of view. Of 1- or 2-part design, operated either manually or electrically. On request, with incorporated pass doors, window elements and leading edges.
(For more see Sample applications)




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