Partition wall systems

Partition wall in motion
Partition wall in motion

Partition walls can be used to quickly and flexibly divide halls into individual sections for multifunctional use, or to protect certain areas from internal or external influences.

Electrically vertically movable large Trenomat partition wall systems provide economic solutions of a modular design for many problems which so far were considered to be very difficult to solve, if at all. Whether you need to heat or cool whole halls, whether the aim is to avoid problems with noise, dust, smells, steam  or drafts – partition wall systems can remedy the situation in just about any of these cases.

This way, even large halls can be split into as many sections as required in next to no time, sometimes taking less than a minute. Come equipped with passageways, passages and openings for machinery, fittings, ventilation and air conditioning. The same way, a hall divided this way can be converted back to a completely open space in the same short time.

In a raised position, partition wall hang barely visible from the ceiling area, without impeding the function of your crane systems and lifting gear.

(For more see Installation options)

Large partition screens
Large partition screens

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