Construction - Big gates

The door leaf consists of horizontally arranged truss girders covered with a very strong plastic-coated polyester fabric on both sides.

Lifting frame with truss girders

The polyester fabric is of a high-gloss coated grade with low flammability and presently available in 8 colour tints.
(For more see Screen surfaces)

  • Pull system using steel ropes
  • The door bundle only requires little storage space when the door is in the open position.
Polyester fabric with aluminium clamp bars

The motor layout depends on the building conditions.
(For more see Technical data - Motor)

There are practically no limits with regard to width and height dimensions for our industrial doors.
(For more see Technical data)

The truss girders are laterally guided and upon raising fold into a bundle, with the polyester fabric evenly folded along its outer edges. To achieve optimum stability, the fabric is attached to the truss girders using aluminium clamp bars fixed with self-tapping screws.

Our industrial doors are raised using straps or steel ropes of suitable dimensions.

Pull system using steel ropes

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