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Range of applications – Big gates

Big gates stand the test daily both at home and abroad in extreme industrial environments, in big industry, in steel works, in the steel building sector, in airplane hangars and dockyards.

Particularly in dockyard halls and blasting and spray coating halls, where doors are exposed to humidity, dust and extremely high or low temperatures. Sub-construction on trusses, with various options to arrange the motor layout, each offering their own benefits as well as disadvantages.

  • Conventional layout
  • Laid out at working height or close to the supports
  • Laid out in the lower box truss
Wharf door inside a shipyard
Wharf door inside a shipyard
Wharf door with new tarpaulin
Wharf door with new tarpaulin
Big gate with link to a canal
Big gate with link to a canal

<b>on this product</b>

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