Dividing curtain - Three-court sports hall
Dividing curtain - Sports hall

Acoustic dividing curtains

Our commitment. More than 5 million pupils, sports people, sports teachers, caretakers and hall managers regularly deal with Trenomat dividing curtains in over 15,000 facilities all over the world.


Whether a dividing curtain is 35 years old or the latest design, we consider it is our commitment to ensure that each and every system, as well as the happiness and wellbeing of every person coming into contact with them every day, are guaranteed. Wellbeing isn’t just an empty phrase to us. Sports halls are different due to their architecture, colour design, materials, size and much more.


The users’ wellbeing however is decisively influenced by the acoustic conditions of each hall - and that throughout the total period it is used, of some 50, 70 or even more years. Acoustics are the deciding factor to the people experiencing their presence inside a sports hall  to be a pleasant or rather a stressful and unpleasant event. Negative effects can range from lack of concentration and tiring out quickly to serious consequences for their health.

Reg. No. 011.090056

And as the dominant large surfaces inside a sports hall, dividing curtains have a decisive influence on acoustic conditions inside it. Accordingly to DIN 18032, dividing curtains must at least provide for a sound insulation of 22dB (A). From August 2002, the same DIN standard has been prescribing that dividing curtains must also serve to absorb additional sound from the hall's components. Trenomat acoustic dividing curtains are therefore supplied complete with a sound-absorbing fleece surface and play a considerable part in achieving the reverberation periods required, of ca. 3 seconds in large sports halls and ca. 2.5 seconds in smaller ones. Your decision as the architect or operator of Trenomat acoustic dividing curtains therefore means a quality of life generations of school children, sports teachers and sports people will be experiencing daily for the next 50 or more years.

Noise protection means protecting the environment and quality of life.

For speech intelligibility during sports lessons and for acoustics perceived to be pleasant and clear by the human ear, the reverberation period affecting the annoying echo effect should not exceed 2.5 seconds in smaller halls and 3 seconds in larger ones.


The precondition for this is that you achieve a sound absorption level – i.e. the sum of all other sound-absorbing measures taken inside a hall and the sound insulation of dividing curtains – which should not exceed an average sound pressure level of 80-85 db(A) inside gymnasiums and sports halls during simultaneous sports lessons when several school classes or groups are exercising there.


Unfortunately, these values are very rarely achieved in existing halls, due to the high sound reflection levels of standard dividing curtains. The negative influence of dividing cutains on the reverberation period has been a known fact for many years. To prevent this annoying echo effect, in the past, covering materials used for dividing curtains were often perforated and simultaneously padded with a sound-insulating molton lining.


Experience has shown that with this type of construction, it is not possible to achieve the level of 22 dB required for sound insulation as per DIN 18032-4, which is just as important for noise levels in dividable sports halls as sound absorption.


In consequence, people experience a lack of concentration, a drop in performance, tire out quickly and can even end up having serious problems with their health.


The new version of DIN 18032-4 issued in August 2002 therefore prescribes both 22 dB sound insulation and sound-absorbing dividing curtains. (For more see DIN 18032-4)


It is not least economic considerations as well – reduced requirement for sound-absorbing measures in wall and ceiling areas – that it is advisable to install sound-absorbing partition screens.


The owner and generations of school children, sports teachers and sports people will thank you for it. (For more see Installation options)

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