Accessories - Ramps

Ramp with protective barrier
Ramp with protective barrier
Technical Data

Adapted to  the respective stage height


max. 10%  -  depending on stage height, custom inclines or lengths on request

Max. structure height:

0.0 - 1.0 m

Load capacity:

750 kgs/m²

Snap-in legs:

snap-in legs 40x40 mms,  50x50 mms , 60x60 mms,  round 48 x 3 mms offset for inclines


depends on length and covering

Profile/stacking height:

9 cms/9.5 cm                             

Cover plate:wood core plywood plate 22 mms

weather-proof screen-print plate, carpet, parquet, laminate, LBP

chequered plate, Perspex. etc.


levelling device, protective barrier, component connection clip, banisters, transport trolleys, stage panels

Ramps also provide actors who depend on their wheelchair with easy access to the stage.

It is also easy for the staff in charge to move devices, backdrops and equipment  onto the stage easily and without strain.
For use with every Trenomat stage component.
Of the same standard high quality as our stage platforms, ramps are a functional addition for every stage.

Individually matched using any required floor covering,  ramps turn stages into a compact unit.
(For more see Surfaces).



Ramp with protective barrier and linoleum covering
Ramp with protective barrier and linoleum covering

Protective barriers provide suitable bonding, preventing the risk of a wheelchair's wheels overshooting the edge of the ramp, and with added rails, ramps offer optimum comfort with the greatest level of component bonding.

Ramp with banisters
Ramp with banisters
Ramp with telescopic legs

A large range of accessories in a functional and safety-related manner.

Levelling device, protective barrier, component connection clip, banisters, transport trolleys, stage panels  (More under Accessories).

Entrance ramp
Bridging ramp

Detail - Entrance and transitional ramps up to floor level ensure unimpeded access to mobile stages.

Even in difficult terrain or on  uneven floors, the use of  levelling devices for snap-in or telescopic legs achieves absolutely level drive-on areas.



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