Merchandise presentation - Presentation platform

Display ramp
Technical Data


4.0 x 2.0 m


0.15 – 1.0 m

Supporting plate:

veneered wood core block board with blocks

set transversely


aluminium chequered plate Al Mg3, thickness 2/3.5 mms

Level pattern:

0.20 m

Inclination angle:

ca. 10 %/20 %

Surface load capacity:

3000 kgs (750 kgs/m²)


ca. 340 kgs  - ca. 85 kgs/element (depending on surface)


as per DIN 1055 and DIN 4112 (temporary structures)


weather-proof screen-print plate, carpet, parquet, laminate, Perspex  (For more see Surfaces)


panels (For more see Panels)

transport trolleys  (For more see Transport trolleys)

Chequered plate covering
Chequered plate covering
Display ramp
Display ramp

Display level of modular design, consisting of 4 platform elements each 2,000 x 1,000 mms in size. Every element weighs 0.85 KN (85 kg).
The platform storage height is 155 mms
(600 mms in total).

The multifunctional frame of the platform provides for easy connection of the platforms with each other using special binders, and also makes it possible to  attach  fabric panels using a Velcro tape system.

Plastic caps are attached to the four lower corners for floor protection.

The closed frame ensures even weight distribution even
with one-sided loads.

We can also supply other surface coverings, such as carpet flooring, linoleum, burled flooring or parquet on request (For more see Surfaces).




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