Merchandise presentation - Revolving platform

Revolving platform for merchandise presentation
Technical Data

Outside diameter:

4.0/4.50 /5.00/5.50/6.0 m other Ø on request

Construction height:

with ready-made covering ca. 15 cms.

Rotation speed:

0 - 0.5 min-1 continuously variable adjustable

Direction of rotation:


Load capacity tt:

dynamic: 20 kN

Load capacity tt:

static: 7.5 kN/m²

Drive capacity:

0.37 kW

Connection voltage:

230 V/50 Hz

Profile/stacking height:

9 cms/9.5 cm                             

Cover plate:

wood core plywood plate 25 mms


weather-proof screen-print plate, carpet, parquet, laminate, chequered plate, Perspex. etc.


entrance ramp, transport trolleys



More details


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Revolving platform segments

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Transport trolleys, revolving platform
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Revolving platform of modular design
Consisting of an angular bearing and a travelling crane made from curved section steel on a concentric bearing, with a tracking and friction groove,
12 surface segments with welded aluminium frame are suspended from the angular bearing. The drive segment carries the complete drive train consisting of drive motor, control, friction wheel and the user panel on the surface. In addition to the speed control, there is also a 230V shockproof socket located inside the floor hatch.
All electrical connections are of plug-in design.
All runners are covered in plastic and fitted with maintenance-free ball bearings, providing for  a gentle start-up  and very smooth and quiet operation The revolving platform is fitted with a 25mm thick  glazed wood core plywood cover plate, can however be fitted with any other type of floor covering as well on request. (For more see Surfaces)


Stored and transported on special transport trolleys.

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