Platforms with plug-in feet

A platform with plug-in feet is a stage platform which can be varied in height by exchanging snap-in legs installed into bottom supports on the underside without the use of tools. You have a choice between snap-in legs of a fixed height with different cross-sectional profiles or continuously variable telescopic legs with different adjustment ranges. This makes it possible to use the stage at a fixed height or as a stepped structure at a required pitch, where even terraces, uneven surfaces or slopes don’t pose any problem.

Fitted with different cover plates  such as wood core plywood plates, multiplex plates, weather-proof screen-print plates, light-weight plates or Perspex and floor coverings such as parquet, laminate, carpet, linoleum or plastic, platforms with plug-in feet can fulfil any requirements. (For more see Surfaces)

Trenomat FIX
Platforms with plug-in feet Trenomat FIX
Trenomat FIX combi-corner(Match)
Platforms with plug-in feet Trenomat FIX combi-corner
Trenomat custom designs
Platforms with plug-in feet Trenomat custom designs
Trenomat LIGHT
Platforms with plug-in feet Trenomat LIGHT
Trenomat MULTI
Platforms with plug-in feet Trenomat MULTI

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