Handle adjustment mechanism
Zero position at hall level

Hall floor adjustment mechanisms/Stationary systems

A hall floor adjustment mechanism or stationary system is a mobile scissor platform which can be bolted below floor level to the surface. 

Made from aluminium throughout and fitted with a locking system adjustable from above plus respective lift support, they offer a manually movable hall floor adjustment mechanism (For more see Airstage).

Can be constructed or dismantled at the required height for use as a stage or stepped structure in no time at all. At zero position, they rest flush with the hall level forming a level area. Fitted with optional floor covering (e. g. parquet, linoleum, tiles etc.) they are just about invisible.
With their small installation height of a mere 180-200 mms (depending on the floor covering) these systems have the advantage that time and staff intensive conversions can be reduced to a minimum, completely dispensing with the need for any transport or external storage of this system.

Fitted with different cover plates such as wood core plywood plates or  multiplex plates with different floor coverings such as parquet, laminate, carpet, linoleum, plastic, stone or tile covering, these stationary platforms can be perfectly adapted to the existing hall flooring. (For more see Surfaces)



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