Motorised platform Trenomat PROFIMOT

Motorised platform Trenomat PROFIMOT
Technical Data
Dimensions:2.0 x 1.0 m, (custom designs and dimensions on request)
Cover plate:not included
Cover plate optional:multiplex, screen-print plate, carpet, parquet, laminate, linoleum, chequered plate, Perspex

Installation height:

from 200 mms, gap dimension 5 mms along all sides
Static load capacity:7.5 kN/m²
Dynamic load capacity:2.0 Kn/m²
Lift speed:ca. 0.8cms/s
Movement:continuously variable 1330 mms
Height movement:+/- 1 mms
Electr. supply:400 V
Control voltage:24 V

Fusing:10 A
Standards:DIN 56950, BGV Cl

step lighting, stairs, banisters, transport trolleys for accessories, stage panel

(For more see Product sheet)


Individual module with its own drive

Standard size: 2 x 1 m
Individual module with its own electric motor for combined areas in continuously variable movable height configurations

The professional, advanced motorised version of scissor platforms. With an installation height of just 200 mms, these components are fitted below hall level and in a lowered state finish flush with the hall level. This allows their use even where building conditions or budgets don't permit any deeper installation pits, and they are therefore also suited exceptionally well for subsequent installation.  

Equipped with cover plates and optional floor coverings and adjusted to the hall floor, this system offers maximum efficiency at a minimum installation height to make optimum use of a room with minimum manpower requirements. (For more see Surfaces).

The platform is continuously variably adjusted with an electric drive motor. A contractor control is used to  visually adjust to the required height, and any height can be individually set. 2-4 basic preset positions can be implemented using additional position switches.

Detail - Controls, touch panel
Control cabinet
Detail - Wall-mounted panel
Detail - Controls, touch panel
Detail - Wall-mounted panel

Positions can be displayed, monitored and programmed in a continuously variable manner on the screen. Individual positions can be selectively moved to, but there is an option to save complete configurations, too.
This means whole stage configurations can be called up time and time again.
The type and design of the controls depend on the size of the system. A wall-mounted panel is all that’s needed for smaller systems, while larger systems are controlled using touch pad controls.

PC control

Set positions can be repeated either for the whole group or individual units time after time. Zero level and  maximum height are limited with the help of limiter switches
Control lamps indicate the standard positions.

Scissor edge safety devices, laser or infrared barriers secure moving platforms and if necessary interrupt  the power supply. Safety is the no. 1 priority here!
A large range of accessories ensure safety during events, complementing the stage in a functional and safety-relevant manner. Step lighting, stairs,  ramps, banisters, transport and storage systems for accessories, stage panels  (More under  Accessories)


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