Open air canopy

Wave-shaped roof (For more see Project pictures)
Wave-shaped roof
Technical Data

aluminium system  made from  round tubing 4-point cross braces


8.00 x 6.0 m – stage size 8.00 x 5.0 m and

10.0 x 6.0 m  - stage size 10.0 x 5.0 m. Custom dimensions can be supplied up to a width of

10.0 m and a depth of 7.0 m.

Roof type:

wave-shaped (arch and ridge, alternating)

Roof height:

5.60 m (depending on type of canopy )

Roof protrusion:

1.00 m

Stage opening:

3.70 m  (with stage height of 1.0 m)

Equipped with:

elastic roof tarpaulins   (quantity dependent on size)


as per colour chart (For more see Colour chart)


4 Hand winches (alternative option: chain pulls)


3-sided mesh tarpaulin, wind permeability as per DIN, fire safety 4102 B1, wind gauge, ballast container

(For more see Accessories)


Certification book for temporary structures,  type examination,

*for roof heights below 5.0 m with verifiable statics

(For more see Certificate)

Basic construction
Basic construction
Wave shape
Wave shape
Arched shape
Arched shape
Ridged shape
Ridged shape

Mobile roof construction in modular design, compatible with all platform systems.
Standard sizes 8.0 x 6.0 m and 10.0 x 6.0 m.

The basic construction of every roof consists of 4 supports  including an integrated lift system, onto which the required roof type is then installed.

You can choose between:

  • Wave-shaped roof
  • Arched roof and
  • Ridged roof

The roof type selected depends on the  purpose, the site and last but not least also on your personal taste.
(For more see Roof types)

Cross braces are connected using tapered joints, without the need for bothersome screw connections.

Tapered joints and splints Tapered joints and splints


Colour chart - Tarpaulin fittings Roofs

*Image may differ from actual colour tints as a download Colour chart tarpaulin fittings Tarpaulin cut-outs for door or technical equipment are available in any dimensions and designs  as required.

Wave-shaped roof
Wave-shaped roof
Arched roof
Arched roof
Ridged Roof
Ridged Roof
Stage canopy
Stage canopy
Rostrum canopy
Rostrum canopy

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