Surfaces and Floor coverings

All mobile stage components can optionally be fitted with different cover plates and surface coverings.
Stage components are fitted with a wood core plywood plate (for interior use) and a weatherproof screen-print plate (for outdoor use) 22-25 mms thick (depending on model)

Cover plate designs

Wood core plywood plate with brown glaze, black glaze
Wood core plywood plate with natural glaze
Weather-proof screen-print plate dark brown
Weather-proof screen-print plate black
Multiplex plate 15-18 mms base floor covering (thickness depends on type of cover)
Perspex satin-finished or clear
Lightweight plates black/brown
(light-weight alternative for screen-print plates)

Floor covering alternatives

Needled felt carpet
(see colour chart) Parquet (industrial parquet), oak
Linoleum, light grey
(see colour chart)
Plastic (burled) black
(see colour chart)
Chequered plate/Button plate

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