Dividing curtains

Partition screens

Our vertically movable, twin-wall dividing curtains provide solutions for your problems. At the push of a button, you can solve all your problems involving noise, dust, smells, dirt, heat, cold or drafts.


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Stages and Platforms

Stages and Platforms

"Trenomat will fulfil all your event requirements!" This is how you could summarise all the advantages offered by Trenomat platforms. There are almost unlimited possibilities for their application.

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Crane track doors and Sliding doors

Crane track doors and Sliding doors

Any openings present in industrial buildings situated around travelling cranes in the frontage area often present problems with regard to humidity, cold and drafts. Our crane track doors help you solve this problem at the push of a button.


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Industrial doors and Large partition screens

Industrial doors and Large partition screens

While industrial doors ensure ease of access and trafficability inside factory buildings, large partition screens can be used to quickly and flexibly divide these halls into individual sections for multifunctional use.0


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